Interview with RIOULT dancer: Marianna Tsartolia

The RIOULT video blog is a series of videos that will capture Pascal Rioult’s creative process from working in the studio to the finished piece in the theater.  The videos will bring you closer to Pascal’s imagination and to the people that join him every day in this endeavor.  You will become a part of the Company for a day, experiencing the artistic development and seeing the remarkable personalities that drive it.

Marianna is the first dancer to be featured in the series of videos that will include personal interviews with all of the dancers; Pascal Rioult, choreographer; Joyce Herring, Associate Artistic Director; Brian Beasley, video animator; as well as costume, lighting and set designers.

The most important part of this blog is you!  Please tell us what you think. We value your opinion and your comments are very important to us.  If you would like to submit questions, please send them to: RIOULT video blog


One Response to “Interview with RIOULT dancer: Marianna Tsartolia”

  1. Antoine Says:

    Beautiful interview, very emotional, really shows how committed dancers are to their art.

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